Music Production




Musician/producer in a wide variety of genres, techno, pop, house, disco, funk, experimental and more. Creates original soundtracks and sound design for film and dance productions. Also offers recording, mixing and mastering services for artists. Guitarist in Avaq


With ‘Show Me the Way’ you can expect a driving force of a track. Tahel‘s overlapping vocals sound spine-tingling – the track ends in a monster electro-synth, which blows you away. -- Data Transmission
Every now and then, a record comes across our desk that really stands out, this being one of them. There's a lot going on, with so many influences melding together to create a track that's hard to pinpoint or even describe. -- Magnetic Magazine
In what is an almost perfect combination of RnB choruses and groovy indie electro, Gidon Schocken’s track “Sunn” ft. Afik Doari is that kind of track that will compel to fans of multiple genres and styles of music. -- Too Much Love Magazine
For a few minutes, while listening to this addictive gem, I thought I got back in Bristol, mid-90’s era, when the trip-hop genre blossomed. -- Last Day Deaf



  • Production / Composing for Film & Dance / Recording / Mixing & Mastering / Remixing