Gidon is an Electronic musician/producer from Tel­-Aviv, Israel. Schocken's performance blends together several different musical genres with live beats an electric guitar and visuals that seek to take the audience on a surreal journey.





Based out of Tel Aviv, Gidon Schocken has been creating music most of his life. After playing with several bands and various projects, performing locally and abroad he has embarked on a solo project which focuses on electronic music, although his main purpose is to try to sound as acoustic as possible, sampling and modulating mostly live instruments.
Influenced by several musical genres and bands such as Massive Attack, Throwing Snow, DJ Shadow, Lorn, NosajThing, Gidon seeks to create dreamy beat driven tracks that take you on a journey and feel immersed in sound.


Every now and then, a record comes across our desk that really stands out, this being one of them. There's a lot going on, with so many influences melding together to create a track that's hard to pinpoint or even describe. -- Magnetic Magazine
Developing a colossal international audience, there's something about his music that cuts through, fusing the modern with the classic. -- Clash Magazine
In what is an almost perfect combination of RnB choruses and groovy indie electro, Gidon Schocken’s track “Sunn” ft. Afik Doari is that kind of track that will compel to fans of multiple genres and styles of music. -- Too Much Love Magazine
The Israel-based artist does a great job of bringing in art and dance to illustrate his lyrics—and while it may be a little too dark for the lighthearted, it’s important to see what beautiful and cerebral art is being created around the world. It’s why we are here after all. -- Leftbank Magazine
For a few minutes, while listening to this addictive gem, I thought I got back in Bristol, mid-90’s era, when the trip-hop genre blossomed. -- Last Day Deaf